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By Wren Culp
Staff Writer

Video by Emily Mankin

What is Twitter? Is it really a streaming site where you can see what someone is consistently doing, or is it just a watered-down version of the Facebook status?

In the last 10 years, there have been two major Internet fads that have been gluing people to their computer screens: Facebook and MySpace. But now there is a third contender, something we never saw coming. Twitter. Be afraid, MySpace and Facebook, be very afraid.

Twitter is still sweeping the nation off its feet with its ever so sudden popularity. The tipping point for the site’s popularity was in 2007 when major celebrities began “tweeting” what they were doing on their accounts.

“Based on what I’ve heard, it’s really a random site to let people know what you will be doing in the next 25 minutes,” sophomore Sai Siddula said. “I think it’s also bad for the general public because so much gossip can spread from it.”

According to figures on eMarketer, an Internet site which publishes Internet research, Twitter receives over 14 million visitors a month from the United States alone. Estimates put the total number of people with an account and actively “tweeting” at six million.

Many people have become attached with the site. Three million posts are flooding onto the site each day, 21 million per week and 630 million a month.

“It sucks you in and once you’re in, there is no way out of it,” senior Jeff Kim said.

The site has been designed so you can make an account and go. There is no maneuvering your way around the site to try to find the way it operates. Once you log on, you can post right away without hassle.

On the contrary, many people find the site lacking in originality and to be flat out boring.

“I don’t think people really care what I am doing every day of my life,” senior Brittany Bond said. “I don’t see the point in it, to be honest.”

Twitter is still a powerhouse in the Internet industry. It is the number one source for gossip the coolest place to visit with dominating numbers. But with the way some people view Twitter, don’t expect to see it in the loop of things much longer.

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