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Project Prom allows girls’ dreams to come true

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Sammy Robben
Staf Writer

Every girl dreams of the perfect prom dress, and through Project Prom, every girl at Coppell High School can have the dress they have always hoped to have.

Project Prom was started by cheerleading coach Brynlea Taylor last year, in attempt to make every girl feel special on prom night. The program gives girls a chance to get their dream prom dress, with having to spend the outrageous amounts of money that it normally takes to by a prom dress.

“[Project Prom] is a program that I started last year collecting new or slightly used prom or evening dresses to loan out to girls who couldn’t afford one, or for those who just wanted to be financially smart and borrow a dress they will only wear once in their lifetime,” Taylor said.

Through the program, Taylor hopes to give every senior girl the night of her life in the perfect dress. The average prom dress can cost anywhere from $200-$500, sometimes even more, and many families either cannot afford them or see prom dresses as a waste of money because they will only be worn once.

“I began this program to enable girls who couldn’t afford a nice prom dress to rent one at no cost,” Taylor said. “I didn’t want money to be a factor in preventing a young lady from attending her prom. I just want a girl to be blessed and feel like a princess.”

There are over 100 dresses in the program of all styles, sizes and colors that were donated by moms, students and businesses around the Coppell area. Girls can also rent shoes and accessories through the program.

Taylor had help from her varsity cheerleading squad when it came to organizing color coordinating and picking which dresses were good enough for the program.

“It is a good way for girls to save money for prom and still look fabulous in a borrowed dress,” senior cheerleader Allie Winkle said.

Last year, Taylor, along with multiple parent volunteers, spent four hours at the school every Saturday to offer dresses for rent, but this year, all rentals are done through private appointments only. To maintain the privacy of the girls renting dresses, there are no volunteers that help with the program.

“For anonymity and privacy, there are no students who actually work the program, however dozens upon dozens of girls, mothers and businesses from the community have donated dresses, shoes, accessories and money to Project Prom,” Taylor said.

Taylor will continue to make girls’ dreams come true next year not only for prom, but for homecoming, as well.

“I’m also taking the numerous short-length or more casual dresses that can’t pass for a prom dress and plan offer the same program next year, but for CHS Homecoming 2011,” Taylor said. “There are some adorable homecoming-style dresses.”

Project Prom gives every girl the same opportunity to live their dream, regardless of their ability to pay. It provides a way for every girl to feel special and look like a princess

“It’s a great way for girls to be able to wear beautiful dresses even if they cannot afford them,” senior cheerleader Keely Leonard said.

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Project Prom allows girls’ dreams to come true