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The official student news site of Coppell High School

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The official student news site of Coppell High School

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Open House provides insight

By Frances Ruiz

Staff Writer

With the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked brownies filling the main hall at CHS, the first Open House was one of delectable treats, new clubs and friendly interaction between parents and teachers.

Beginning promptly at 6:30 pm, the first Open House packed the halls of CHS with students, parents and teachers alike. While finding their way from class to class, parents had the opportunity to check out the clubs and student organizations offered at the high school. By following their schedule, parents could catch a glimpse of their child’s daily routine.

Some like senior Leah Gray’s father Rusty Gray thought Open House was a good way to meet teachers and experience school with their daughter, but expressed a few ideas to improve future experiences.

“I greatly enjoyed meeting Leah’s teachers and seeing her life at school,” Rusty said. “I would, however, life for it to be little more relaxed by having the freedom to go through my child’s schedule at my own pace.”

Although hunting down classrooms across the sprawling campus of CHS proved to be a tedious task, treats and excitement were provided by student organizations to rejuvenate spirits. Students sold treats for a dollar ranging from snow cones to brownies. Utilizing the opportunity of Open House to fundraise and generate interest great snacks weren’t the only outlets of promotion, as KCBY showcased hilarious episodes, the Round Up Yearbook flashed their great pictures and the Ping Pong club sang to upbeat music.

Leah was among the students who attended Open House and thought the clubs lined along the main hall were a great way to show students CHS activities.

“The clubs were probably the most successful and most appealing part of Open House,” Leah said. “I think it was a great way for student organizations to advertise what they do and get people to sign up.”

Overall, Open House proved to be a useful resource to both students and parents of the Coppell community. Parents were given the opportunity to get to know teachers outside of school hours and students had the chance to check out the clubs new to this school year like Chinese club, Grant-A-Wish, For the Children and the Cycling club.

Principal Brad Hunt expressed the great success experienced by the first Open House of the year.

“I am very pleased with the turn out and how well the club exposition was set up,” Hunt said. “Although there are improvements which could be made like more handouts and a school map given, this was a great opportunity for parents to get an insight of what it’s like at Coppell High School.”

Although this Open House offered many new surprises and fun additions, CHS looks forward to what future school events may hold in store.

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