Freshman Social enables student interaction

By Frances Ruiz
Staff Writer
Freshman spend a Saturday night at the school dancing and having fun at the Freshman Social. Photo by Kelly Emerson.

Freshman spend a Saturday night at the school dancing and having fun at the Freshman Social. Photo by Kelly Emerson.

The everyday bustle and familiar sense of hurriedness associated with CHS lunches were nowhere to be found Aug. 29 as the Freshman Social epitomized an evening of letting loose and getting down.

The CHS Commons underwent an energized transformation of ever changing displays of light and color, exhilarating surges of heart pumping sounds and irrepressible smells rarely found at Coppell High School such as cotton candy and popcorn. Only possible in an environment as invigorating and carefree as this one, were students able to bust out their best imitations of the sprinkler and the robot, while intermingling with well known classmates and meeting some new ones.

Despite the overwhelming number of seniors at the event, both freshmen and seniors were given the chance to dance alongside one another, challenge each other to a game of pingpong, converse over a mouth watering snack, but most importantly, were dealt the opportunity to get to know one another as people, rather than under or upper classmen.

Freshman Michelle Pitcher was among the several students able to break down the barriers different grade levels often present and enjoyed the company.

“My friends and I thought this would be a great school event because it was targeted towards freshmen and allowed for bonding,” Pitcher said. “The Red Jackets are really nice and friendly, and make us feel like they really do care about underclassmen.”

Due to the dedication and commitment shown by the Red Jackets, who sponsored and organized the event, the social ran smoothly and generated an insuppressible amount of fun. A significant amount of hard work and preparation for the dance was needed and administered as everything was student-run. Members made and posted advertisements featuring the innovative and original “Be Fresh” slogan throughout the school.

Game ideas like pingpong were thought up and implemented while Red Jacket Jake McCready acted as DJ for the night.  Once at the event, Red Jackets continued to provide services by ushering at the door, selling and tearing tickets, as well as working concession stands.

Red Jacket Chris Bigelow felt that the work put into the social by himself and his peers definitely paid off.

“The Freshmen Social did require some work by the Red Jackets because we were responsible for advertising, selling tickets at lunch and organizing the dance and its activities,” Bigelow said. “I think the social had a great turn out and gave everyone a chance to get to know each other.”  

Although the social enabled CHS students to cut loose, dance like no one was watching, school their peers in competitive games and eat foods only a teenager could thoroughly enjoy, it gave freshman, as well as other students new to Coppell, a chance to venture outside of their comfort zones and interact with others.

Principal Brad Hunt said that the Freshman Social served as an outlet for interaction amongst the students new to Coppell High School.

“Freshmen, as well as students new to Coppell, need events dedicated to helping them feel connected to the high school,” Hunt said. “The social will work at making them feel a part of our school and ease the challenging transition into high school.”

  Although some outcomes of the Freshman Social were unforeseen, such as the surprising dance number that was shared by school administrators and students alike, its original intent was never far from view. Enabling new friendships to form, many laughs to be had, and an unforgettable time to be remembered, the Freshman Social proved to be a success.

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