Don’t stop YAC-ing

By: Loren Hughes

Last year, the Coppell High School library began their first year as participants in the Youth Adult Choice program, (YAC). This year, librarian Lex Anne Seifert hopes to remind students to not forget about this program, and to encourage their voices to be heard through the books read.

CHS was one of four high schools in the country selected to be a part of the YAC program. The program entitles students to read certain books and to fill out a ballot rating the book they have read. Throughout the year, Seifert will continue to keep tallies on the scores turned in and then report the results to the International Reading Association (IRA).

The IRA then takes these results and decides which books to put on next year’s list, for the best teenage reads. Since the input of the students is vital towards the voting process, it is imperative that students continue to read the YAC books and provide their opinions about the books they select.

“In the year’s past, the list has reflected more middle school books and this year, my goal is to reflect what high school students read,” Seifert said. “I just want to encourage students to participate in this program and to fulfill the duties that we have been given by this prestigious association.”            

 There is a full and widely noticeable selection of YAC books available upon entering the library, open for any and all students to read. Make sure to check them out, and let your voice be heard!