White wristbands fund Red Jackets

Story by Scott Bennett
Video by Josh Oden

Where do we raise money? This question has plagued many organizations and groups within CHS for ages. The Red Jackets have answered this very question quite promptly, wristbands.

The Red Jackets sold rubber wristbands as a fundraiser during the last few weeks of the football team’s playoff run and the week prior to Christmas break.

The fundraiser not only extends to those supporting the football team, as they were initially sold during the football season, it also, because of its simple design it can be worn in support of all of the future activities, sports and otherwise, at CHS.

The goal of the fundraiser was to sell 400 wristbands. Each member was expecting to sell somewhere near 10 wristbands each. The purpose of the wristbands, according to Cate McMinn, was to “raise money for [our] future service projects that we plan on doing throughout the year”

One of the Red Jackets’ noted future projects is giving aid to a nursing home, they will be assisting in the daily routines at the home and will provide assistance in areas that would otherwise run slow. The project will be, in part, funded by the wristband fundraiser.

Another commendable reason for the wristband fundraiser is the Red Jackets inherent duty to provide some funds for the school as well. The specifications as to where the money will be put around the school weren’t stated, however the prime directive of the fundraiser is guided toward helping Red Jackets oriented events and projects.

“The fundraiser also helps raise money for the school outside of our projects,” McMinn said.

So, one might ask, why wristbands?

“Everyone goes around school with bracelets and different trinkets of things they like.” McMinn said. “But not many people have plain white wristbands, these simply have the CHS logo on them, they stand out because of it.”

There is nothing to be seen beyond the fact, as senior Red Jacket Keely Leonard said, “It was just a fundraiser for the Red Jackets in order to raise money to put on the events that we do.” Most events that the Red Jackets hold at CHS are everyday happenings, mostly guidance and assistance to new students.

Though the wristbands are no longer being sold in the hallways or during lunch, there are still many people wearing them throughout the school showing support of the Red Jackets organization and the school.

“I bought a bracelet because it had a cool design and I could support the football team because they were selling them during the playoffs,” said sophomore Natalie Oden, who added that she could “wear it to all of the basketball games.”