2009 New Red Jackets

Red Jackets 007

Photo by Tyler Morris

by Caitlin Conner

New students and freshman flood the hallways, wandering around looking for their next class. Frantically searching for help, they seek those standing out among the masses. These individuals are known as the Red Jackets.

Most students believe the purpose of Red Jackets is to be student ambassadors for the school and the face of CHS. However, few know the inner workings of the program and exactly what the representatives do.

“Red Jackets attend tons of different events that normal students don’t, such as the teacher convocation, CHS’ 50th birthday and helping host college night,” senior Jake McCready said.

Red Jackets also are behind the planning of many functions such as new student luncheons and the freshman class social.

Since May 28, 32 seniors have taken on the role of a CHS Red Jackets. Though the program was established in 2008, many changes are in place this year. Last year’s Red Jackets consisted of 26 of the most academically distinguished students whereas this year’s main goal is diversity.

“We tried to select students from different activities and organizations and really get a good representation of CHS,” Principal Brad Hunt said. “Red Jackets do get pulled out of class a lot, so the students need to be able to keep up with their studies, but the group isn’t based off of grades.”

Other changes this year in addition to an increase in numbers include more meetings with the administration and more events planned by the Red Jackets.

“Having had a year under our belt, we’ve learned from our mistakes and how to capitalize on our success,” Hunt said. “We’ve been having meetings more frequently with the students and making changes as we go along.”

Photo by Tyler Morris

Photo by Tyler Morris

Putting on events such as the freshman social, on August 29, is one important aspect of the Red Jacket’s job.

“We coordinate lots of student events and help run staff meetings,” senior Kevin Rutledge said. “One of our main events is taking new students on tours around the school and helping them get familiar with the campus.”

For senior Mallory Cravens, working events with CHS staff is one of her favorite aspects of a Red Jacket.

“I love seeing teachers outside of school and getting to know them on a better level,” Cravens said. “Lots of students don’t get that opportunity.”

Luckily for CHS, Red Jackets have what it takes to be ambassadors of the school and friends to the students inside it.

“I hate seeing people upset about something,” McCready said. “Now that I’m a Red Jacket I can give those answers and help solve more problems.”

Though the names have changed the Red Jackets continue to be the face of the school and role models to students.


2009 Red Jackets

Kara McFarlane

Hiba Mirza

Chris Nguyen

Allie Perison

Sarah Margaret Pittman

Payton Porter

Seth Rodgers

Kevin Rutledge

Damilola Salako

Blake Seitz

LeeAnn Stover

Sterling Von Strohe

Avery Szalkowski

Natalie Wade

Bayley Zarrehparvar

Satvika Ananth

Marco Arce

Tyler Bagley

Chris Bigelow

Jennifer Birdsall

Caroline Cauley

Daphne Chen

Mallory Cravens

Duncan Dominguez

Kelly Emerson

Patrick Foss

Drew Hasson

Rachel Humphries

Lucy Huo

Janny Lim

Sharon Mathai

Jake McCready

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