City Council reviews plan to reduce water usage on S. Beltline


Minori Kunte

Coppell City Council explored options for possible water conservation regarding road medians and declared April 2023 as Christian Family Month. Graphic by Minori Kunte.

Nyah Rama, Staff Writer

On Tuesday evening, the Coppell City Council met to discuss an eco-friendly change to the S. Beltline median along with community events.

Two local businesses, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Starbucks, have proposed zoning change requests for the next meeting. These changes would move them closer to a busier highway.

The council declared the month of April as Christian Family Month in Coppell.

The council also held a work meeting in which it discussed a water usage reduction plan that would involve removing the turf on the medians on S. Beltline Road. The buffalo grass turf would instead be replaced with decomposed granite and bring the water usage per week down from 44,000 gallons to 12,500 gallons.

The next meeting of the council will be in two weeks on April 11.

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