Giving Thanks: Months at a glance


Maya Palavali

With academic and social events, it can be hard to get all of the dates in order. The Sidekick executive editorial page editor Manasa Mohan expresses her gratitude to her Google calendar for its usefulness.

Manasa Mohan, Executive Editorial Page Editor

Dear Google Calendar, 

Thanksgiving season is here and it is only appropriate to honor you. It’s been four years since I created you, yet it feels like it has been a full lifetime. At the same time, the months passed before I could even say the word “calendar.”

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate the big and little parts of life. I find myself to be grateful for my family, friends, health, a quality education, a roof over my head; the “normal things.” But this year, I am eternally thankful to you. 

You know me better than anyone else. You, who makes sure my life is organized in the midst of chaos. You, who exists in the never-ending list of tabs open on my laptop. You, who ensures I remember to do all my assignments. You, who I have introduced to all of my friends and strongly encouraged them to abandon the measly calendar app on their phones to begin a new era of organization. You, who makes sure I meet my deadlines for the impending college applications. You, who I have affectionately named “my GCal.” 

When I tell you that my life would be pure chaos without you, I wish I was joking. I have a running joke: “If it’s not in my GCal, it’s not happening.” Now, I understand that might seem a bit problematic. But, it is just the way I live after my life was forever changed when I was introduced to you in ninth grade. 

You are not just an organization device or a schedule maker or a plain calendar. You are so much more than that. 

As I reflect back on my entire high school experience  through 40 months of meticulous planning with you, I had a realization of how many memories you hold. Celebrating friends’ birthdays, traveling with friends for school competitions, dreaded SAT and AP exams, coverage and a myriad of Sidekick deadlines, club meetings where I’ve met a countless number of friends and an ungodly number of tests, quizzes and project due dates.   

Here’s to many more months at a glance and color-coded classes. 


Your most dedicated user 


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