Meet Mary Kemper, the new director of instructional leadership

Nyah Rama, Staff Writer

There is a new director of instructional leadership in Coppell ISD. However, it is a familiar name and face.

Over the past summer, Mary Kemper was hired as the new director of instructional leadership for Coppell ISD. The main job of the director of instructional leadership is to oversee teachers and help them grow in the classroom. Previously, Kemper has served as the CISD director of math as well as a math teacher at Coppell High School. She is also an Apple Certified Educator.

One of the main things that attracted Kemper to the position is the relationships she’s built in the 10 years in CISD.

“I have relationships with so many educators and administrators in Coppell,” Kemper said. “I wanted to make a bigger difference and a bigger impact on teaching and learning.”

Kemper has some glowing qualities that compelled assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction Dr. Angie Brooks to determine she was the right candidate for the job.

“She really is one of those individuals that has taken a lot of initiative.” Dr. Brooks said. “Whenever something is presented to her whether it’s an opportunity for training, or an opportunity to really step out there and work with others, or to showcase different types of learning as well as partnering with people across the district, [she shows a lot of initiative].” 

Kemper has goals she hopes to see through in her time as director.

“I hope I can help teachers and administrators be successful so that we can help all of our kids continue to learn and grow,” Kemper said. 

Kemper is focusing on growing teachers in the classroom and helping mitigate the impact COVID-19 has made on CISD students and staff.

“Kemper has been a part of our work which focuses on reading and mathematics which [tries to help] anyone that has suffered learning loss due to COVID,” CISD Superintendent Dr. Brad Hunt said.

Kemper is not just in education for the job titles; rather she is hoping to make a lasting impact on the system and humanitize it.

“I hope my impact is that we continue to focus on kids and their learning and that we make good sound choices based on the human impact of education so that people can continue to thrive,” Kemper said.

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