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Nandini Paidesetty

Nicholas Larry is a staff photographer on The Sidekick. The Sidekick’s CHS9 editor Iniya Nathan expresses how Larry has influenced her time on staff.

Nicholas Larry

Every day, when I enter D115, I see Nick sitting at the back tables, eating a sugary breakfast.

Sitting next to Nick for an entire year has taught me a lot about him. Nick is quick to critique, never first in line for an assignment and will complain loudly about completing any assignment he has. I once jokingly asked him why he rejoined The Sidekick, but the truth is Nick is not only a talented photographer, but a dependable and diligent one who cares about the program.

Once, he pointed out a photo he took which was published on and told me he took a better one, showed me the better one and explained his disappointment that his best work wasn’t on display. Despite whatever complaints he makes about doing his photo of the day, he leaves the class everyday to get one done even on days he is not assigned one. He is always dependable with the assignments he’s given and the first person turned to when a photo emergency arises.

There is never a conversation I’ve had with Nick that hasn’t left me happily surprised, and I hope as he continues to happily surprise people and show his consistent diligence and dependability. The Sidekick will miss him following his departure.