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An ode to The Sidekick’s graduates

As eighth graders in Coppell ISD fill out their ninth grade course selection form, many opt for traditional electives geared towards band, theater or art. A select few take the opportunity to join a journalismbased program and while the unknown is a risk; the benefits, experience and knowledge offer students the ability to succeed. The Sidekick is Coppell High School’s student-run newspaper. Staffers of The Sidekick input their experience into each year they spend, and many leave with valuable insight that will shape their futures. Keep reading to view how The Sidekick’s 2022 graduates have shaped other staffer’s and their experience in the program.

Anjali Krishna
Joanne Kim
Tracy Tran
Meer Mahfuz
Sreeja Mudumby
Nicholas Larry
Ayane Kobayashi
Yasemin Ragland
Varshitha Korrapolu