Cowgirls’ freshmen score victory against Plano


Aliya Zakir

Plano goalkeeper saves a shot during Friday’s match against Plano at Buddy Echols Field. The Coppell girls soccer team defeated Plano, 2-0.

Iniya Nathan, CHS9 Editor

The Coppell girls soccer team had two goals for its match against Plano Friday night at Buddy Echols Field. To score first and then to keep on scoring. And they met that goal as the match ended with the score of 2-0.

The match started rough for the Cowgirls, and for most of the first half the Cowgirls remained on defense. Two Coppell players, senior Saiya Patel and sophomore Ella Spiller, were not able to play at the match since they are also on the Coppell girls basketball team and had a playoff match against Irving MacArthur. Two other players, freshman Jordan Clig and CHS senior Mackenzie Shannon, were also not at the match.

“We’re missing four big personalities so that makes a difference in the game,” Coppell coach Fleur Bentar-Whitten said. “So we definitely started rough, which knew the vibe was a little off today, not being in school. I knew that something was off so it was a rough start, but they dug out of it.”

The first goal was scored by freshman forward Reagan Roberson with 4:49 left of the first half.

“It was exciting to get up and win so we could [be ahead] going into the second half,” Roberson said.

The first half ended with the score of 1-0. Second goal was scored early in the second half, scored by freshman midfielder Monica Morales with 36:01 left on the clock.

“We came out a little rough, but we found each other as we progressed,” Morales said. “We were able to put some balls in the back of the net, which helped us gain confidence and we were able to continue with our lead.”

Both goals were scored by freshmen.

“They are capable of that,” Benatar-Whitten said. “Reagan has not done that but she has that ability. I felt like it was time, I put her in, she did it. She did exactly what we wanted her to do. And then Monica is very in the air so on the corner, in practice, she’s great, but she’s not in the game a lot, but she was in today, and then we had a corner [kick]. I told my assistant I think we might get one and she just hammered it so it was perfect.”

This is the Cowgirls’ second win against Plano this season, with Coppell winning 2-1 on Jan. 25 at John Clark stadium. 

“It’s great to come up with a shutout against [Plano],” Morales said. “It’s nice to know that we can put them away and we needed this win just looking forward in our season so it was good to put them away.”

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