Pointer moving on to become Judson ISD Athletic Director


Meer Mahfuz

Coppell assistant head coach Karl Pointer calls a defensive scheme against Highland Park at Buddy Echols Field on Sept. 10. Pointer, also the head track coach, was named the Judson ISD athletic director on Jan. 24.

Meer Mahfuz, Staff Writer

After over 25 years in education and 13 years as part of Coppell ISD, Coppell assistant head football coach and head track coach Karl Pointer has finally achieved his dream.  

Pointer was named the Judson ISD athletic director on Jan. 24. 

“[Athletic administration] is something that has been one of my passions for a long time; I’ve been trying to pursue and break into the athletic director realm for the past several years,” Pointer said. “I’ve had several opportunities to interview [for the position] but it just wasn’t my time yet, I saw this [opportunity] posted and thought ‘hey, lets go try this one.’ It’s been a blessing [to be named the Judson ISD athletic director]. Judson ISD has a rich history of athletic successes and my goal is to come in and help [them] improve and make them better.”

Coppell assistant football and track coach Eric Hill will be the interim head track coach in Pointer’s absence.

“I’ve got a great group of guys that are very knowledgeable with track and they love track, so I feel good that the program is being left in good hands and they will continue that success as they go,” Pointer said.

When Pointer initially earned his Master of Education degree from Lamar University in 2012, he was surrounded by comments from teachers and principals mentioning how successful he would be as an assistant principal or principal, but Pointer decided to stick to the athletic realm. Pointer started his coaching career as defensive secondary coach for Fort Worth Dunbar High School in 1997 and has continued coaching up until the current day so his initial challenge will be transitioning to life not as a coach. 

“If I wasn’t coaching, I still want to be involved in the athletes and [athletics],” Pointer said. “It’s going to be a transition because I’m not going to be coaching kids anymore, I’m going to be coaching coaches. It’s critical that, especially in this day and age with people getting out of the education business, if I can help grow young coaches just like people grew me then I can give back to the profession. This first year is going to be a little more difficult transition [because I’ll miss coaching] but it’s something I want to try and it’s something that’s been in my heart for a long time so now I have the opportunity to do it.”

In Pointer’s time at Coppell, he has been able to work under three different athletic directors: John Crawford, Joe McBride and Kit Pehl. Working under each provided Pointer with a unique opportunity to branch out and explore athletic directing and all that it entails. 

When Pointer first came to Coppell in 2009, Crawford was athletic director. Having spent time working under Crawford at Plano ISD before coming to Coppell provided Pointer with initial opportunities to nurture his dream. 

“I’ve been very blessed in my time here at Coppell,” Pointer said. “I was able to sit under [Crawford] to watch and learn. With the transition to McBride as well as Pehl, I’ve been able to take away a lot from these guys. They’ve really helped me grow into the role that I want to be in and they are also great resources that I know I can always call.”

Pointer, the safeties coach, has imparted a special relationship with freshman safety Weston Polk and has been an instrumental supporter in Polk’s first year playing football for Coppell.

“[Pointer] was very patient with me and walked me through play calls constantly to make sure I knew them,” Polk said. “He took me in from day one and was the coach that tried to make me feel comfortable knowing that I was nervous at the start. I remember, during the games, he would always be the one to cool me down, especially the first couple games. Sometimes I would be wide-eyed during games and he would always be the one to make it simple for me.”

Not only did Polk find solace in him but Pointer also proved to be a much needed mentor in Polk’s athletic career.

“Pointer is definitely a great mentor on and off the field; I’ve spent a ton of time with him because he is my position coach and I have learned some valuable things from him,” Polk said. “He’s a great coach because he knows when to yell at someone, when to tell someone off, when to be calm and how to get his coaching across in a way you can understand. I have mentors that I’ve had since I was little and great coaches along my athletic career, but I’ve only known Pointer for a little over half a year, and he is at the top of that list of great coaches or mentors I’ve had.”

Not only did Pointer’s infectious personality and glistening charisma nurture football athletes, but it found its way to caring for his track and field athletes as well. 

“Pointer has always been there to support me throughout my career as a thrower,” Coppell senior discus thrower Ryan Sewell said. “He comes over to the ring at meets to give me words of encouragement and I really enjoy talking with him about how my throwing is going.”

Today marks Pointer’s last day at Coppell ISD before he makes his way down to the San Antonio area to be the Judson ISD athletic director.  

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