The beauty in independence

Embrace the opportunity to spend time alone

Angelina Liu, Visual Media Editor

Want to watch a movie on Saturday?

Although being alone is often seen as undesirable, loneliness tends to empower and help one to self discover. The Sidekick visual media editor Angelina Liu sheds light upon the beauty in being alone. (Shrayes Gunna)

I sent the message and put my phone down, impatiently waiting for a text back. After five minutes, I picked up my phone and found the same empty lockscreen. Were they busy? Or was I being annoying? Or even worse, were they purposefully ignoring me? I sighed and put down my phone. 

Ah, sorry, I can’t. Next time?

As the notification lit up my screen, I couldn’t help but feel dejected as I realized that I wouldn’t be able to watch the movie that I had wanted to that weekend. I then accidentally screenshot this sad conversation and went about my day. 

Recently, in an attempt to free up storage on my phone, I stumbled upon this screenshot from middle school and chuckled. Looking back on this exchange a couple years ago, I couldn’t help but cringe and feel silly that I had always depended on people for my own enjoyment. 

I recently overheard a conversation during lunch: “Wow. I feel bad for people who sit alone at lunch. They just look so lonely.”

As a society, we are conditioned to think being alone automatically equates to loneliness.  Why does sitting alone mean that one is lonely? What if someone simply prefers to be alone at that moment?

One of my favorite things to do is visit my local coffee shop alone and read or work on homework while listening to music. Most recently, I went to my favorite coffee shop Summer Moon om Keller, then visited Tom Thumb to purchase ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies, alone. 

While this activity could have been fun with a friend, there is a certain beauty and benefit in being independent. It allows for personal growth as you can choose what you want to do instead of making compromises. Being alone also allows time for self-reflection and gives you a better understanding of yourself. Independence also boosts self esteem as it as an aspect of growing up. You feel free and capable as you are in a public place by yourself, without the need to rely on others.  

Another activity I have been appreciating independently is visiting the Coppell Nature Park early in the morning. Enjoying the quiet solitude of tall trees and wildlife as the occasional light breeze ruffles the tree tops while listening to music allows me to process my thoughts, relax and overall boosts my mood. 

Embrace the opportunity to spend time alone. When friends can’t hang out, choose to do the activity with yourself. You shouldn’t miss out on opportunities simply because you don’t have someone to do it with. Watch that movie. Go to that concert. Go to that restaurant. 


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