Yadavalli lends her mic to quiet talents


Meghna Kulkarni

CHS9 student Sri Mayukha Yadavalli edits a future talk show at Starbucks in Coppell on Nov. 13. On her talk show, Yadavalli interviews and discusses the lives of individuals that have an impact on our world. Photo by Meghna Kulkarni

Deepti Patil

CHS9 student Sri Mayukha Yadavalli has begun her journey to create her own talk show outside of being a high achieving student. Yadavalli hopes to one day have her own talk show and wants to follow the footsteps of her idol James Corden. She has started creating her first talk show project for her show, which she will probably publish to YouTube, and soon wants to begin another. Yadavalli is also an exceptional student who was named CHS9’s Student of the Month for October and collaborates with her teachers and peers daily.

What ideas will your talk show focus on?

I want to try to bring the lives of other people that impact the world in perspective to a normal person, such as doctors during COVID-19, first responders and people who work in a field that is hard and risky. I want to try to make sure people can appreciate their efforts and gain perspective into their lives by interviewing these people and allowing them to share their life experiences.


Where did you get your inspiration for starting a talk show?

James Corden helped me find passion in talk shows and hosting them. He is my role model and when I think about where I hope my talk show goes into the future, I hope it can be a reflection of his. But, watching him really enticed me into making my own talk show and finding a passion.


How do you think COVID-19 has impacted your school life and work ethic?

As a student, [COVID-19] really hit my stamina on how long I worked whether it was school work or a project. I had a lot of overdue assignments and [online school] was a very hard time for me because my grade had dropped as well. My focus on school and in classes was also a struggle by not understanding the material being taught. As in-person learning has now commenced, school has gotten better for me, mostly because I can finally collaborate with others and because I can finally focus on the things that are top priority.


What do you enjoy most about school?

Spending the day with my friends and collaborating with teachers. I know that might sound a bit untraditional, but I like to be friends with everyone, not only students but also staff. My most enjoyable subject in school would be math because starting high school algebra wasn’t only easy for me, but it was also fun to do and solve. I love pairing algebra with escape rooms, [in ways] such as finding x to make [them] more engaging as well.


What are your goals?

My lifelong dream has always been to become a talk show host, and have been [beginning] that dream with my own talk show. I want to be a talk show host because I feel that I have that sort of personality, I can make good jokes and I can understand people very well. However, my goals for high school would be to simply pass and get through high school and just have fun throughout the journey. I want to have balance through high school both academically and socially. I also hope to make new friends and collaborate with new people both during high school and further after.

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