New city app opening faster channels of communication


Shrayes Gunna

The City of Coppell released a new mobile app, City of Coppell Connected, as a channel of communication to connect residents and the local community. City of Coppell Connected provides all the features available on the city website with the addition of notifications to keep residents informed. Photo by Shrayes Gunna

Shrayes Gunna, Staff Writer

The City of Coppell Connected mobile app is available to download on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Coppell has been posed with the challenge of keeping all 41,590 citizens knowledgeable and aware of changes, events and governmental officials. With this in mind, communication has become more crucial.

On Oct. 14, the city launched a mobile app to connect its residents with the government and resources accessible to them such as utility bills, notices and a calendar of events. 

The app provides access to a hub of information, making it more accessible than navigating the city’s website. According to the city’s chief communication strategist Hannah Cook, the app has amassed approximately 650 users in the month following its launch, who now have more efficient and direct communication with local officials through the app’s notification system.

“We are always looking for ways to meet our residents where they are,” Cook said. “We [want] to improve communications to make sure our residents can stay up to date with what is happening in their local government, [know] where to go to find certain information and they’re aware of the really awesome programs we have going on.” 

The app allows residents to perform a range of tasks, from paying their utility bills to browsing the city’s libraries’ catalogs in one location. 

“Local government really is integral to daily lives; we provide water services,  we provide the streets you drive on, all these little things [that] get overlooked,” Cook said. “My goal is to educate our community about everything going on [so] they are aware of all of the amazing services the city offers.”

The app also informs residents about city council meetings and other important dates. For students, the app connects to volunteer opportunities and the educational centers of Coppell such as the Biodiversity Education Center and the Cozby Library and Community Commons.

“Through the notification system, [a student] can easily know what’s going on inside their community and what opportunities are available to them without having to research,” said Coppell High School senior Shruti Shukla, a Keep Coppell Beautiful teen steward.. “The Coppell app helps cater to [students’] interests, be an active member of the community and volunteer.”  

Through various tools, Coppell residents are positively influenced by a better understanding of community interactions. 

“[With the app], I am more aware of what is going on around me and it helps me recognize that within this small city joy is brought out [through]  community events,” CHS junior Priyanka Bhutani said. “Knowing there is somewhere to find FAQs, newsflashes or information about safety or the mask mandate has positively impacted my family through unity among the community and [the city government].” 

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