CHS9 September Teacher Spotlight introducing students to new interests


Anjali Krishna

CHS9 principles of health science teacher Bill Borowski helps CHS9 student Monica Morales create a QR code during first period on 10/26. Borowski, after leaving the education industry for 10 years, returned to teaching health science four years ago.

Nathan Cheng, Staff Writer

After a 10 year hiatus, CHS9 health science teacher Bill Borowski has returned to teaching with a new desire to bring students into his passion for health. Borowski received his teaching certification in North Texas in 2000 before beginning teaching at Coppell Middle School West until the physical campus became CHS9. He hopes to help every student with their own unique needs and see them grow into careers in the health industry.  

Why did you decide to become an educator?

I originally worked in professional baseball and I was done because the travel came to be too much for my family. So when I moved here [in 2000], it just seemed like the natural progression of things [to become a teacher]. I went through the alternative teaching certification for North Texas and Vern Eden, who was the principal [of Coppell Middle School West] at the time, took a chance with me and let me be an athletic trainer and a teacher [at Coppell Middle School West].

Why did you choose to teach health science?

I was always interested in health and that’s what I taught but they don’t offer it [at CHS9] anymore. Then they started a new pathway for health science and the curriculum seemed really interesting to me.

What is your favorite part of teaching? 

I used to teach the upper level classes and I chose to come here to teach the [freshmen] level so I can help people get the passion for the profession. I like to help people decide if it’s something they want to do. I like to give the passion to the freshman and it really gives me an opportunity to be creative and just make it fun for [my students].

What is your most important takeaway from your course?

It gives [students] a general overview of the healthcare career. We get into a little bit of everything. I want them to find out early if it is something they’re interested in. Sometimes finding out what you’re not interested in is just as important as finding out what you’re interested in.

What does receiving the teacher spotlight mean for you?

It validates what [I am] doing. It’s really about the kids, it’s not about me. But it’s just nice to see that my coworkers around the department appreciate what I do because they’re the ones that nominated me.

What is the most important thing you have learned as an educator?

I taught at [Coppell Middle School West] in the early 2000s but I left for 10 years and then came back.  [With] the leaving, coming back, maturing and learning about life a little more, I’ve learned to meet the kids where they’re at and not expecting them to be somewhere [else]. Now I realize if you take the kid from where they are, it will just be a lot easier.

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