Broadway Bound astonishes audience with comical skits


Aliza Abidi

Coppell High School sophomores Anita Goodwin and Ryan Choi reenact the movie The Notebook at the “30 Movies in 60 Minutes” play in the CHS Lecture Hall on Friday. The production was put on by the Broadway Bound class and showcased two-minute comedic skits for 30 well known movies.

Sri Achanta, Staff Writer

As laughter erupts from the audience, the Coppell High School Cowboy Theatre Company’s Broadway Bound class finishes up its last skit based off of the Bee Movie, receiving applause from all.

On Friday, the Broadway Bound class performed its first production of the season, “30 Movies in 60 Minutes.” Actors split into groups with each group performing six to seven two-minute self-written skits. Actors bounced back and forth from sitting in the audience to performing on the stage.

The cast performed well-known movies such as Jumanji, Titanic, Mean Girls and Harry Potter. Each skit included the basic plot of the movie, with popular lines from the movie such as the famous dialogue between Karen and Gretchen (characters from the movie Mean Girls): “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen!” 

The energy of these actors made all the difference. Because the audience chose the order of the skits, the actors did not have a set structure to follow. Each actor was on their feet, eagerly waiting for their movie to be called. 

“I just loved [the cast’s] energy,” CHS theatre director Karen Ruth said. “I loved how hyped they were and the audience’s reactions. It’s great to hear that what we think is funny in class relates to other people.”

This energy was reciprocated by the enthralled audience, laughing at every joke and applauding after every skit.

Not only were the order of the plays chosen impromptu, the majority of the cast intertwined improvisation into their acts. 

“I loved the improv,” CHS sophomore actor Ryan Choi said. “This whole show [consisted of] a lot of [it].” 

CHS sophomore actress Pari Sharma felt similarly.

“I loved how all [of] the Broadway Bound [cast] got to write the script and perform it ourselves,” Sharma said. “I loved the [togetherness] of [the show] and the improv.”

The Broadway Bound class performed numerous comedic scripts with each skit making use of minimal props due to the two-minute time limits. Props were reused per skit, with the introduction of new props based on specific characters in a movie. 

The “30 Movies in 60 Minutes” production will be held again today at 7 p.m. in the CHS Lecture Hall. Tickets are $3 for students and $5 for adults.

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