Broadway Bound to kick off season with ‘30 Movies in 60 Minutes’


Aliya Zakir

“30 Movies in 60 Minutes” performers rehearse their scenes in the Lecture Hall during seventh period on Thursday. “30 Movies in 60 Minutes” is the first production of the season and will be performed by Coppell High School’s Broadway Bound theater class with shows on Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.

Sri Achanta, Staff Writer

After a month of preparation, Coppell High School’s Broadway Bound theater class is to perform its first production of the season “30 Movies in 60 Minutes” on Friday and Saturday in the CHS Lecture Hall.

The show is composed of condensed, two-minute skits illustrating the plot of 30 movies, with the audience choosing the order of the performance.

To prepare for this production, the Broadway Bound class brainstormed a list of 30 popular movies. The class was then split into four groups, with each group assigned six or seven different movies. Each group will be performing their self-written script from memory.

“[Preparing the skit] was definitely challenging,” CHS sophomore actress Nandini Pajankar said. “It was a challenge because we had to condense a whole movie into two minutes: we had to choose which plot points to include, which iconic movements [to include], which ones we drop and how to play the characters.”

Nevertheless, Panjakar looks forward to performing, describing the play as hilarious due to the comedic effects.

Even though a majority of this production lies in the hands of the actors, the audience has its own special part. In the audience, 30 randomly selected seats will have a piece of paper with a number from one to 30. When CHS theater director Karen Ruth calls out a number, the person sitting in the seat with the corresponding number will select the movie they want to see next. 

Tickets cost $3 for students and $5 for adults. 

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