Student of the Week: A Day in the Life of Riya Padhiar

Sannidhi Arimanda, Photographer

For this Student of the Week, The Sidekick photographer Sannidhi Arimanda interviews Coppell High School second year marching band flutist, junior Riya Padhiar.

Padhiar has been playing the flute for six years while balancing academics and other extracurricular activities. This year, she will continue to add onto her flute experience by remaining in marching band.

“Being in marching band takes up a lot of time and effort so I must motivate and push myself if I want to achieve my goals,” Padhiar said. “If you’re not motivated or don’t want to improve, then that’s where you’re going to be.”

In this Q&A, more information will be uncovered about life as a marching band student and how it is not as easy as some may think.