Neighborhood HOAs propose paths for trails

East Lake, Magnolia Park, Westhaven neighborhoods advocate for a new trail connection

Coppell citizen Thomas Burrows discussed issues with infrastructure during a citizens’ appearance at the Coppell Town Center on Tuesday. After receiving information from the neighborhood, the council convened to consult with city staff members in order to make final decisions.

Anjali Vishwanath, Daily News/Assignment Editor

During the citizen’s agenda of Tuesday’s Coppell City Council meeting, representatives from the Homeowners Associations (HOA) of the East Lake, Magnolia Park and Westhaven neighborhoods provided the council with a detailed report of their proposed trail connection.

The report consisted of reports from an engineer as well as reports on crime, intra-neighborhood cooperation, traffic and the surrounding landscape. The speakers focused on what they called the ‘A+ Path to a Win for all’ that would connect existing trails in the three neighborhoods.

During the project, members of the HOAs of the neighborhoods were surprised by how many issues they had in common. This was the first time they had worked together, and they decided to form a neighborhood alliance to continue meeting as a group.

Their ‘A+ Path’ would, according to engineer Jeff Crannell, take the path of least resistance through the woods between the existing trails. There would be no need to cut down trees; construction would merely require clearing out the undergrowth. Along with being environmentally responsible, this plan is also the most fiscally responsible as it is the cheapest.

“We need to allow our staff to go and evaluate the new information that was presented tonight,” Mayor Wes Mays said. “[They will] come back to us and advise us on their opinions and what they see is possible. We’re not the architects or engineers, so we rely on our staff’s opinions on what we were given tonight.”

During the pursuant council member reports, city manager Mike Land provided an update on the construction and demolition projects going on. Progress is being slowly made on road demolition projects all over Coppell, most notably near the Denton Tap Road-Parkway Blvd. intersection.

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