Summer school, early practices provide head start for seniors

By Amanda
Staff Writer

The summer before college is usually a time for seniors to spend time with family and friends that they will leave behind when they leave for school in the fall. However, for many seniors, summer is a time to get a head start on school or sports at the schools they will be attending.

Attending summer school is very common among seniors at CHS. Many students are provisionally accepted to the school of their choice which usually includes taking school during the summer.

Leann Keach is one of the seniors who were provisionally accepted to the school of her choice. She will be attending Texas A&M in the fall, but first, she will take a few courses through the Gateway Program at A&M.

“A&M was my first choice in colleges,” Keach said. “I was willing to take summer school if it meant that I would be able to attend A&M in the end. I am excited about getting a head start in school too.”

Not all students are forced to take summer school, though. Jeff Johnson is choosing to take summer school just because he wants to. He will be leaving in the middle of June for summer school at the University of Texas.

“A lot of people view summer school as annoying and most people wouldn’t do it if they had to,” Johnson said. “In my opinion, summer school will be beneficial for me because I will be able to get acquainted with the school and meet a bunch of new people, as well as be ahead in school. My sister did summer school before her first year of college and she said that even if you don’t have to, summer school is actually fun and is something that everybody should consider doing.”

Luciana Mendes is also leaving early for the University of Texas, but not for school. She will be starting practices and be busy with activities for the UT pom squad. She is one of the two freshmen who were selected to be a part of the 2010-11 squad and will be leaving for school on June 7, the day after graduation.

“It is really early for me to be leaving, but I couldn’t be more excited about it,” Mendes said. “I am most excited about getting to know the rest of the girls on the squad throughout the summer. They are a great group of girls and I can’t wait to dance with them.”

Leaving early for school is something very common among seniors at CHS. It is seen as a way to get ahead in school or sports, and in the end, is a very beneficial choice.