#Starworld: Beat goes on for Anandaraj (with video)

Nandini Muresh, Staff Photographer

The Starworld video series is published every Friday showcasing the talents of a Coppell resident. This week, Coppell High School sophomore percussionist Nivi Anandaraj was selected. 

Anandaraj has been a part of the CHS Band for two years and has been part of the Coppell percussion program since she was 11. Anandaraj said she chose to be part of the percussion section because of her prior piano experience, and she thought “percussion would be a good fit.” After four years, Anandaraj is now vibraphone 4 in the CHS band.

Outside of school, Anandaraj plays piano and is a classical Indian dancer, and both of these musical activities have helped her reach her current position. Though most freshmen perform with the junior varsity band, Anandarj’s skills allowed her to perform with the varsity band in her freshman year. She continues to perform with them for her sophomore year as well and hopes to perform with them for the next two years.

“This season was obviously very different compared to what we usually do, but I can confidently say that despite setbacks, we were still able to come near the best of our playing abilities,” Anandaraj said. 

In a normal year, the band would rehearse about 18-20 hours per week and even despite COVID-19, it still rehearses anywhere from 14-16 hours every week.

Some musical goals Anandaraj has for the future includes “composing and arranging music, playing other percussion instruments, and deepening [her] knowledge of music theory.”

Moments that stand out to Anandaraj are contests and performances. 

“My favorite memory was when we performed at the annual Lone Star Contest last year, which is the biggest and usually most important contest for all high school drumlines in north Texas,” Anadaraj said. “It was probably our best performance of the show, and it was memorable because it was also our last, and we also got first place.”

The first time she got on stage she was nervous, but as she gained confidence, Anandaraj has grown to love performing. 

“The first time I performed at a percussion concert was at our annual Purely Rhythmic concert, and I was extremely nervous at first but then ended up enjoying performing,” Anandaraj said.

From performing on stage to performing on a marching field, Anandaraj enjoys percussion more than she has ever before. 

“At first it was difficult adjusting to a new environment in marching band and in the drumline, but it didn’t take very long to get used to and love,” Anandaraj said. 

Watch The Sidekick staff photographer Nandini Muresh’s video to see Anandaraj display her talent. 

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