Boston vs. Los Angeles appears likely

The storied rivalry of the Celtics and Lakers looks like it will add another historic chapter this year, as both teams are looking extremely dominant.  The point guard play of Rajon Rondo and the surprising outside shooting of Ron Artest, have put both of these teams in position to fight for a title.

Boston and L.A. have won NBA titles each of the last two years, while Boston would like to say they have won the last two of three, if they win, the Lakers will have won back to back championships and two of three.

When it comes to Lakers Celtics, no matter who the players may be the rivalry is always there.  The two most decorated and storied franchises have risen up this postseason, as Boston took down Cleveland in six games and are manhandling Orlando currently leading 3-0 in the series.

The Lakers are no slouch either, scoring more than 100 points twice in each of their home victories against the struggling Phoenix Suns.  L.A. has had little trouble this postseason, enjoying  non- troubling teams such as the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Utah Jazz.  The Lakers have beaten the Jazz the last three postseasons and the Thunder just won their first playoff game this season against the Lakers.

The NBA finals in the past has expected Lebron James and the Cavs to make it against Kobe and the Lakers.  Kobe has held up his end of the bargain, however Lebron has lost to the Celtics along with Orlando the last few years.  Boston was completely overlooked this postseason, although every one of their big three was healthy while Rondo was looking more and more comformtable at the point.

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