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  • Freshman center principal Cody Koontz announced and recognized at Monday CISD Board Meeting.

  • George Coffee + Provisions set to open this spring in Old Town Coppell.

  • CISD plans to switch from Dallas ISD to Durham school busses, effective Aug. 1.

Pink Slime

March 28

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By Jordan Thompson Staff Writer Organic eating has really made an impact on American culture recently. Places like Sprouts are popping up everywhere. People are conforming their appetites with Cliff bars and Odwalla. But even though the zero-preservative lifestyle has dispersed throughou...

How to make the drive-thru healthier

March 7

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Jordan Thompson Staff Writer One of the hardest things about becoming an adult, for me at least, is accepting the fact that junk food can no longer be as blissful of an indulgence as it used to be. It wasn’t until high...

Exciting grand opening for new Coppell Whataburger

April 11

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Thomas Hair Staff Writer Over the years, burger chains such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s have established themselves as some of the most popular places in Coppell to grab a bite to eat. Now, however, these thriving Coppell...

The Mc-Licious return of the McRib

November 3

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Ashleigh Heaton Editor-in-Chief Yup, McDonalds has brought back the infamous McRib sandwich - and we wonder why half the country is obese. The sandwich, which consists of a rib slathered in barbecue sauce, pickles and onio...

Plans to open In-N-Out Burger in Garland

September 14

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By Henna Khan Staff Writer/Photographer The rumors were true, the infamous In-N-Out Burger joint of Southern California is finally making its way down to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Unfortunately, for those of of...

Are you gonna eat that?

May 26

Filed under Student Life

Do you know the nutritional value of a hamburger from a fast food restaurant? Do you care? In a city such as Coppell where there is an array of fast food restaurants, questions like these are reasonable to ask any teen or resident....

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