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TCU drug bust leads to 18 arrests

By Tanner McCord
Staff Writer

As a TCU fan who has grown up with the Horned Frogs as a constant part of my life, I have to say I am extremely disappointed in the recent reports regarding the school. My dad was the first mascot to be called Super Frog at Texas Christian University and has a picture in the school’s book store and my grandpa has a study hall named after him.

Yesterday, a total of 18 arrests, including four football players, were made on drug dealing charges. The students were selling marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and prescription drugs and were caught by undercover police officers who bought from them in order to prove the students’ guilt.

I am in no way condoning or justifying the actions of the students, but there is not a college in the United States that does not have students who could face drug charges. TCU took quick action and all four football players have been kicked off the team and f the school, along with the other 14 students.

I am saying this as a fan and hopefully a future TCU student; there is nothing right about this. No matter what it does to the athletic program and student body, this behavior should not, and is not, tolerated.

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